1. How to Register

Step 1: Visit our website: https://crorest.com

To get started, Create an account or Log in:

Step 2: Fill out your email to register “Email Address”

2. How To Install Shopify App:

After you have successfully logged in or registered, Go to “Install App” or Click “Profile” to appear a tab below

Then, Enter your Shopify store (1) to connect to the app

Note: Your Domain is YourDomain.com. It will redirect “Yourdomain” to “subdomain.myshopify.com”. Therefore, You have to type “ subdomain” or “subdomain.myshopify.com
After you Click Install app butoon, Crorest will redirect you to the Shopify website where you will be prompted to install the Crorest.

To continue, You login your store to connect to Crorest:

Finally,  It will look like something this after your store is connected:

3. Create a Campaign:

Firstly, Tap on” Campaign

Secondly, Click “ Add New” to upload design

It will appear a tab like this. At here, you can select at least 1 product up to 50 products that you want to use

Thirdly, Follow All steps here below:

1-Design Number ( we auto generated Sku on each product after you created them)

2- You Click on each box to upload the correct design and mockup of the product

3-You should select each box to upload the image correctly.( Example: Choose ” Front Mockup”, then tap on ” Front design”)

4- You can add more mockups that you want to use

5- If you change your mind, you can add more products or remove them.

6- When you have completed all the steps, to will allow you to click ” Continue

Besides, This is an example for upload 2 mockups & 2 designs.  (Remember: You Click on each box to upload the correct image of the product)

Next, Moving your products to a new Shopify store:

1- Save Product ( You can save your products if you don’t want export to your Shopify Store. Can click on” Campaign” on the top left corner to see your list campaigns)

3- Click into to choose your store

2- Click ” Export to” to move your products to your Shopify store

4- It will appear enough Size Chart number for each products that you created. It will look like this:

Finally, You click your store to see your uploaded products